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Dahle NOVIS B17 - Booklet Fastener/ Long Arm Manual Stapler

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MSRP : $89.99

Dahle NOVUS B17 Booklet Stapler/ LONG ARM Stapler

Dahle Novus Pro Staplers can be found in the offices of professionals throughout the world. Developed in Germany, these high performance staplers are designed to improve productivity and efficiency at work. Whether you need to staple a few pages or a stack of 40 Sheets, Dahle Novus Pro Staplers will help you get the job done faster and with less effort. The Dahle Novus Pro B17 Long Arm Stapler is a high performance executive stapler with steel driven mechanism. It features a dual staple guide system that provides superior performance and ensures each leg of the staple has even pressure until it clinches your documents.

The Dahle NOVIS B17 Booklet Stapler/ Long Arm Stapler is a versatile stapler capable of producing either a permanent standard clinch, or temporary pin. The temporary pinning mode allows you to easily remove the staple from the back of the document without any other device. This eliminates the need for paper clips or other temporary fasteners. Each mode is easily attained by rotating the circular anvil at the base of the stapler. The Dahle Novus Pro B17 Long Arm Stapler/ Booklet Fastener is 16 1/2" in length has a throat depth of 11 3/4" which makes it perfect for binding booklets as well as everyday stapling. The adjustable depth guide has inch and metric scales and ensures you staple at the desired depth each and every time. For optimal performance, we recommend using Dahle Novus 24/6 Super and 24/8 Super staples. These thicker gauge, precision formed staples will ensure your Pro stapler performs as designed.

Product Details:

  • High performance executive stapler with steel driven mechanism
  • Dual staple guide for superior performance
  • 11 3/4" throat depth for greater reach across documents and binding booklets
  • Versatile Dual-Mode fastening capability allows for stapling, temporary pinning, and tacking
  • Push button for easy front loading of staples
  • German engineered for quality and durability
  • Gentle pressure allows for easy operation
  • Compatible with Novus 24/6 Super Staples and Novus 24/8 Super Staples
  • Color:.... Black / Silver
  • Stapling/ Paper Capacity:.... 40 Sheets
  • Throat Depth:.... 11-3/4"
  • Dimensions:.... 16-1/2" x 2-3/8" x 2-3/4"
  • Warranty: ....10 Years
  • Part Number:....020-1535

    For optimal performance, we recommend using Novus Premium Staples. The #24 Super staples are made from a thicker gauge of wire and will ensure your Heavy Duty Stapler performs as designed.

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  • 24/6-Super-Premium Office Staples:
    Staple Length : (6mm.)
    Box Quantity : 1000
    List Price : $1.95
  • 24/8-Super-Premium Office Staples:
    Staple Length : (8mm.)
    Box Quantity : 1000
    List Price : $4.95

    Having a high-quality long-arm stapler can make it possible to create your own bound brochures, booklets, and more without the need for expensive binding machines. If you've been searching for this type of device for your office, then you need to consider getting the Dahle Novus B17 Booklet Fastener/ Long Arm Stapler. The Dahle B17 Booklet Fastener/ Long Arm Stapler is a fabulous new stapler that has some really innovative features and is durably constructed. Plus this manual paper stapler is designed by Dahle, one of the world's leading manufacturers of office devices both large and small. Here is a look at the highlights of this great new product so you can really get a feel for what it can do for you.
    1. Fasten more pages together. Staplers can be frustrating to work with because it seems like so many of them can't fasten very many sheets together. (This is especially true of devices that are poorly made.) However, you won't experience that type of scenario with the B17 because it can staple up to 40 sheets of paper. Thus, if you're making a booklet, it can really contain up to 80 pages, so this is the product to use when you want to create documents of a significant length.
    2. Standard and metric measurements. The B17 has an adjustable depth guide that's been marked with both metric and imperial units, so no matter which measurement system you prefer, you'll be able to work with it. The stapler can reach across 11.75 inches of paper, so not only is this device great for creating booklets, it will also make it easier to work with larger pieces of paper. You can also use it to fasten together smaller documents, so you'll really only need one stapler.
    3. Temporary and permanent fastening. One of the most fascinating features of this product is that it really has two stapling modes. The first mode is a temporary one that will staple your paper in such a way that you won't need an additional tools to remove the staple. This is known as "temporary pinning" and it's a great method to use when you want to avoid using paper or binder clips. Then, of course, there's the permanent fastening which you should use when you need a more secure clinch. You can switch between these modes by rotating a dial on the machine.
    4. First-rate construction. This is simply one of the most durable staplers you could ever own. The B17 has been engineered in Germany and features a steel-driven stapling mechanism, as well as a system that ensures the staples will always be applied to your documents perfectly. Also, using Novus 24/6 and 24/8 Super Staples will further ensure that your experiences with the B17 will always be satisfying and result in great-looking documents that are securely fastened.
    5. A very long warranty. Finally, the B17 is backed by a 10-year warranty. That alone should tell you that this is no ordinary stapler.

    Whether you're making booklets or stapling something to the middle of a document, the Dahle Novus B17 can help you out. This is a stapler that can meet a variety of document fastening needs, so get one for your office today!

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