Compact Executive Flat Clinch Stapler

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Dahle B4FC - BLACK - - Compact Executive Flat Clinch Stapler

ID : 16598
MSRP : $29.00

Dahle NOVUS B4FC Compact Executive Flat Clinch Stapler-BLACK

Since 1949, the Novus name has been synonymous with quality and innovation. From high performance Executive Staplers, to our commercial grade Heavy Duty Series, Novus designs innovative staplers that take the industry by storm. We offer a complete range of sizes that exceed even the most serious demands for quality and innovation.

Engineered and developed in Germany, Novus products are factory tested before release to ensure complete customer satisfaction. In purchasing a Novus product, you will have the peace of mind knowing this precision item will provide many years trouble free operation.

Novus Flat Clinch Staplers are high performance Executive Staplers with an added feature, each staple not only holds your documents together, but is also pressed flat to provide up to 30% more storage space. They are available in black, blue and grey.

Novus Flat Clinch Staplers can be found in the offices of professionals throughout the world. They are high performance devices that features a steel driven mechanism and dual staple guide. These features provide superior performance by reducing jamming and ensure each leg of the staple has even pressure until they clinch your documents. Developed in Germany, Novus Flat Clinch Staplers are designed to improve productivity and efficiency at work. Whether you need to staple a few sheets of paper, or a stack of 40 pages, these staplers will help you get the job done faster and with less effort.

Novus Flat Clinch Staplers offer versatile Tri-Mode stapling capability to produce either a permanent flat clinch, temporary pin, or tack. The benefit of a flat clinch is the reduction of paper stack size. When the staple legs are bent and pressed flat, approximately 30% more binder storage is available. The temporary pinning mode allows you to easily remove the staple from the back of the document without any other device. This eliminates the need for paper clips or other temporary fasteners. The tacking mode is convenient for attaching documents to a wall or corked surface such as a bulletin board. Each mode is easily attained by rotating the circular anvil at the base of the stapler.

Novus offers three sizes of Flat Clinch Staplers: the compact B4FC, the B5FC, and the innovative B8FC which features Power-On-Demand. The B4FC and the B5FC are available in black, blue and grey.

For optimal performance, we recommend using Novus Premium Staples. The #24 Super staples are made from a thicker gauge of wire and will ensure your Heavy Duty Stapler performs as designed.

All NOVUS PREMIUM STAPLES are also available here at this site. Dont forget to order today!
  • 24/6-Super-Premium Office Staples:
    Staple Length : (6mm.)
    Box Quantity : 1000
    List Price : $1.95
  • 24/8-Super-Premium Office Staples:
    Staple Length : (8mm.)
    Box Quantity : 1000
    List Price : $4.95

    Product Details

  • High performance executive stapler with steel driven mechanism
  • Stapling Capacity -.... 50 Sheets
  • Staple legs are bent and pressed flat after stapling which provides 30% more binder storage
  • Dual staple guide encases the staples & provides superior performance and reliability
  • Versatile Tri-Mode fastening capability allows for stapling, temporary pinning, and tacking
  • Push button for easy front loading of staples
  • German engineered for quality and durability
  • Gentle pressure allows for easy operation
  • Compatible with Novus 24/6 Super Staples and Novus 24/8 Super Staples
  • Color:.... Black
  • Sheet Capacity:.... 50 Sheets
  • Throat Depth:.... 2-3/8"
  • Dimensions:.... 5-5/8" x 1-1/2" x 3"
  • Warranty:.... 10 Years
  • Part Number:.... 020-1423

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